Digital Photography and Art: Inspirational Poster project

This poster design unit was one of the year’s greatest hits in art projects.  What made this unit especially memorable was the reaction these posters elicited from the audience of students and staff.  To start, the art students each selected an inspirational quote that resonated with them.  They paired the quote with their own digitally edited photographs taken over the Spring Break holidays.  After a constructive group critique of each student’s varied graphic layouts, a finalised poster design was selected to print large scale.  The art students hung these large scale prints all around the school campus to brighten up the days of our school’s community members.  Because of the numerous requests by students and staff to purchase these posters, the Art Business club held a poster sale so everyone had a chance to buy their favorite.  Half of the proceeds went to the student artists and the rest went to covering the cost of the printing.

KAS Mission Statement Poster Design

The school was in need of a poster to showcase the mission statement of our school so the art students came to the rescue.  Students came up with ways to creatively portray  the mission statement acronym “B.I.G.”: Balanced Individuals, Independent Thinkers and Global Citizens.  It was difficult for the school to select just one poster design as the formal winner for the new Mission Statement poster as there were so many outstanding submissions.

KAS Fun Fair Poster Design

Every year, the art students help the PTA with a poster design to advertise our school’s annual Fun Fair event.   The Fun Fair theme changes year to year to headline the goals of the PTA Fun Fair earnings.  Here are some designs from 2012, themed, “Under Construction”, and 2011, themed, “Beat the Heat”.

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